Canandaigua Smiles uses the iCAT 3D Scan to immediately produce a three-dimensional (3D) image of the jaws and teeth for all of our patients. It allows our doctors to quickly and precisely determine the exact movement of teeth for all patients without the guesswork associated with two-dimensional traditional or digital X-rays.

Our iCAT emits 95 percent less radiation than traditional hospital-based CT scan machines. We use it to provide more accurate results for many orthodontic problems including TMJ disorders, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, impacted or missing permanent teeth, and other dental abnormalities.


iCAT 3D scan of mouth


We also perform an airway study from the scan to assess nasal obstructions such as enlarged adenoids and tonsils, deviation of nasal septum, and swollen nasal tissues. Diagnosis of mouth breathing habits due to nasal obstructions is extremely important because of the adverse affect on proper jaw growth.

Anatomy we once guessed at is now clearly visible to the naked eye with the iCAT, enabling us to design a complete treatment plan that takes into account all factors braces affect. This level of detail in planning leads to the most beautiful smile possible for our patients.

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